Terrifying Parallels

The Sixth World is changing and it isn’t for the fragging better.

The current Date is 13th December 2078. Just over a month since the UCAS Presidential Election resulted in the current UCAS President Angela Colloton unseated by Jamison Brackhaven. A surprising victory for the Archconservative party. Jamison Brackhaven is the nephew of former Seattle Governor Kenneth Brackhaven who resigned earlier in the year due to a rapidly declining state of health. The special election held to fill the gubernatorial seat saw another unlikely victory for another Archconservative candidate Jezebel Bryne. These and other elections across the UCAS has seen the majority of the political power held by the Republican Party and seconded closely by the Archconservatives.

Tensions on the Seattle streets saw an almost immediate increase with Kenneth Brackhaven’s resignation, now a month since Jamison’s victory the climate has seemed to worsen. Anti-metahuman and Anti-awakened crimes are on the rise and the corporations seems to be using the threat to their none human employees to their financial advantage. Employees deemed as ‘at risk’ are mandated to stay home without pay with the exception of subsidisation by PTO when available.

As it has always been the Shadows are a reflection of the mainstream Sixth World. As the streets of Seattle escalate – and as reports have it most civilised streets thought the UCAS and CAS – likewise have the Shadows. The perils of doing what none other is willing, exasperated by these tumultuous time.

At least danger means the cred is good no matter if it is rep or Nuyen you are after. Now might just be the time to figure out exactly what you are willing to compromise for a job and what the price of your morality actually is. If you are not willing to answer those questions chummer you better get out before the drek gets to hot.

The Sixth World is changing and it isn’t for the fragging better.

About us:
Really we are just a group of people who have been gaming together for a long time. It took a while but I decided to make good on all those threats and finally GM some Shadowrun. We are a group that values storytelling over rules, so you have been warned.

Changing the World
This campaign follows the majority of the Official Sixth World lore. Some events, times, places and people have been added or changed for the purposes of telling this story. If these changes or additions are something that you do not agree with or does not seem plausible in your perception of the Shadowrun world I would ask that you please keep those opinions to yourself.

Mature Content Advisory
This campaign may contain mature content that some might find disturbing. Including but not limited to strong sexual content, use of drugs and alcohol, strong language, blood and violence, abuse and themes dealing with racism, homophobia and hate crimes. This content is used, mostly, as an adversarial forces designed for the players to overcome.

Artwork and Designer Credits
I want to thank all of the incredible artists who design the images I use as reference for the characters and places for this campaign. I do not own any of the artwork or any rules used to make this campaign a reality and make no claim to them. Any rules clarifications or house rulings made are not made with any claim of ownership.